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Atomic Heart

Report: Atomic Heart to launch in February 2023

It seems like Mundfish and Focus Entertainment has slapped an exact date on the FPS title.

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It wasn't too long ago when developer Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment announced that the FPS title Atomic Heart would not be arriving in 2022 as planned, and would instead be coming in early 2023. Well, to follow up to that, it has been reported on by WhatIfGaming that the game will debut in February.

Specifically, it said that it will be February 21, 2023 when Atomic Heart arrives. Neither Mundfish nor Focus has followed up to this report, but WhatIf does state, "We have the strongest confidence in the ability of our source, so we have put a lot of faith in the materials they have shared with us."

As to whether there's any truth to this date, prominent games industry leaker, The Snitch has already commented on this announcement on Twitter with the eyes emoji, further suggesting it to hold some weight.

Atomic Heart

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