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Report: Anthem set to live or die this week

Will EA allow Bioware to finalise the revival or declare it dead once and for all?

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While I really like the look and feel of Anthem, there's no doubt that the game has some serious issues. This became apparent very early, so it wasn't a big surprise when EA confirmed the game had sold far less than expected at and shortly after launch. In fact, it started off so badly that the developers decided to change their future plans for the game and instead focus on improving what was already there. After a few months of concerning silence, Bloomberg's (then Kotaku) Jason Schreier decided to tell the public about the fact that EA and Bioware were hoping to give the game another chance by completely overhauling it in real No Man's Sky and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn style, something the two companies confirmed one year ago. The only problem is that we might not see these changes come to fruition.

Schreier has now published a new report revealing that three sources have said some of EA's executives will have a meeting this week where they'll decide if it's worth dedicating more time and resources to the project in hopes of bringing the overhaul of Anthem to life or cancel it to put those resources into the upcoming Dragon Age and Mass Effect instead.

This fits with what I've heard from four other people at EA and/or Bioware, and they've also told me they have no idea what the decision might be. Development is allegedly still going fairly strong even after executive producer Christian Dailey was moved over to Dragon Age back in December. Still, with sources telling Schreier that EA would at least have to triple the amount of people working on the overhaul (around thirty right now) to make it a reality, EA's hesitation is understandable when Bioware already has two other highly anticipated game in the pipeline alongside making the finishing touches on Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Expect to hear something official about this shortly, as I highly doubt EA will break its promise quietly or not shout it out from the rooftops if there's still hope for Anthem.

Do you think Anthem could be the next big turnaround?


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