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Grand Theft Auto VI

Report: Alleged Grand Theft Auto VI leak reveals plenty of intel

Though you should probably sprinkle a whole ton of salt on this one.

Leaks and misinformation often go hand in hand, and that may well be the case once again after a huge amount of intel about the next Grand Theft Auto was shared by someone over on Reddit.

We usually end our reports with the obligatory "pinch of salt" warning, but we're leading with it this time, such is nature of this report. For starters, Reddit user JackOLantern1982 cites PC Gamer as one source, and the site refutes that claim. Other than that, there's so much information there, and the game is so far off, that it makes little sense that all of it could be true and accurate at this stage. That said, there are still some tantalising details in the post and there could well be some truth to it.

According to the leak the game will take place across multiple locations, including a take on Rio de Janeiro and the returning Vice City. Apparently, the game will span decades and will be focused on one playable character, an "up and coming drug lord-wannabe named Ricardo". The game is said to be inspired by TV show Narcos and there'll be a focus on extreme weather (hurricanes etc) and topical themes from the '70s and '80s (immigration, HIV). There's even more here if that's not enough to sate your thirst for unsubstantiated rumours.

Another self-proclaimed leaker, Redditor gfk53 reinforced some points made in the first leak, but they also offered alternative details to some of the other points, and also added some potential intel about Bully 2, which he says will be the studio's next game.

It's pretty clear that one or both reports are wide of the mark in some or most respects. How much of it is true remains to be seen, but with the game apparently heading to next-gen consoles, we've got a fair while to wait before the situation clears up. As you were.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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