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Report: Activision Blizzard cutting jobs tomorrow

This could include hundreds of employees as the company allegedly looks to restructure to boost profits following a difficult few months.

On Friday we reported that plenty of game companies had seen a sharp decline in share value recently, including Activision Blizzard, having a sharp drop of 10%. It turns out things might be worse than that for the company though, as Bloomberg reports that jobs might be cut this week.

The report claims that job cuts will be coming tomorrow as a result of slow sales, according to alleged insider sources, with shares dropping up to 2.5% on Friday alone. This could potentially include hundreds of employees, and is part of a restructuring that looks to boost profits, according to one source.

Back in November Activision revealed that Destiny 2 in particular wasn't performing as well as they wanted it to, following the release of the Forsaken expansion, and since then Bungie has actually split off from Activision, taking the Destiny franchise with them. This wasn't the only game performing underwhelmingly for them back then though, as they also revealed that games like Overwatch weren't increasing player numbers significantly.

Just last month we heard that Activision Blizzard was under investigation by a law firm for securities fraud and "other unlawful business practices", in the same month that they revealed major leadership changes within the company, so there's definitely a lot going on behind the scenes at the company. Time will tell if these job cuts do happen tomorrow though.

Report: Activision Blizzard cutting jobs tomorrow

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