Horizon Forbidden West

Report: A Lego Horizon video game is in the works

It'll supposedly be like Horizon Forbidden West but in Lego.

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Lego games are often known for giving a blocky, cute twist on an existing IP. The Lego Star Wars and Batman games are considered classic family adventure titles, and now it seems Lego is ready to jump over to a more recent franchise, that being Horizon.

According to Insider Gaming, PlayStation and Lego are teaming up to bring new life to Guerrilla's post-apocalyptic world. The Lego game currently in the works will allegedly be like Horizon Forbidden West, but with a Lego twist. It'll also have "realistic graphics," likely meaning the water will be pretty and the Lego will look a bit less cartoonish.

Insider Gaming reports that while details on a release and announcement are unclear, a PlayStation Showcase in the near future could be the place we see the official reveal of this Lego game.

Horizon Forbidden West

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