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Renfield is a direct sequel to 1931's Dracula movie

After nearly 100 years, Tod Browning's film will be getting a continuation.

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For a lot of fans, it feels like an eternity to wait a few years for a sequel to a film, but that's nothing when compared to what fans of Tod Browning's Dracula have had to endure. That movie debuted back in 1931, and with it slowly approaching its 100th anniversary, Chris McKay has revealed that the upcoming comedy Renfield, will actually be a sequel to the very film.

Speaking with Collider, McKay stated: "I kept telling marketing that that's what we should say, that [Renfield] is the only direct sequel. I guess you could argue 'Dracula's Daughter' is a sequel because the opening scene is the aftermath of the Tod Browning movie, but Bela Lugosi's not in it, it's a whole different set of characters. And it's a great movie, it's wild if you haven't seen it. I thought the movie was great. But to me, this is the only real direct sequel with the Dracula and the Renfield of that movie."

So if you've been waiting to see how the story in the 1931 film series continues, then this is some good news at the very least. As for when you can look to catch Renfield in theatres, the movie debuts on April 14.


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