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Renfield Gets a New Trailer, Shows Off Nicholas Cage as Dracula

Nicholas Hoult plays the ultimate vampire's lackey.

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A new trailer has been released for Chris McKay's upcoming movie Renfield, which is a comedy following the titular Renfield, a servant of Dracula who finds he's unsatisfied with his job.

Of course, a lot of the spotlight here is going to be on Nicholas Cage's Dracula performance, and from the quick looks we get at it, it appears as though Cage has once again managed to make himself stand out in a role that might have been too big for a lot of other actors.

However, alongside the eye-catching idea of Cage's Dracula performance, Nicholas Hoult is our main lead, starring as Renfield, who has been granted special powers by the vampire to help fulfil feeding requirements.

Not only does the movie look to be packed with comedy, but it will also feature a few interesting action setpieces as well. Check out the trailer below:


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