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Rend heads to Early Access in 2018

Veteran World of Warcraft and League of Legends developers announce fantasy survival title.

Frostkeep Studios is an indie studio founded by "veteran World of Warcraft and League of Legends developers". Their debut game will be a fantasy survival game called Rend for PC.

Rend will have both PvE and PvP components, as well as player factions, RPG elements, sandbox gameplay, different win/loss conditions and "massive, culminating battle experiences the like of which have never before been witnessed in this genre".

The idea behind Rend is to join one of the three factions in the game, and then explore the world. It is a brutal place, so it is encouraged to team up with other players to fight against creatures and other factions. So player community will be key to the game's fortunes.

Co-founder and CEO of Frostkeep Studios, Jeremy Wood, had this to say about Rend: "We are huge fans of the survival genre and are delivering an in-game experience that the community and our own team wants to play. We value player feedback and want them involved from the very beginning so they can influence the future direction of Rend as it heads into early access this year."

Are you excited for another survival game? Does the fantasy theme help keep Rend fresh?

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