Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes is getting optimised this week for PS5 and Xbox Series

The Souls-like can run at either 4K at 30fps, or 1080p at 60fps.

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It has been revealed that Souls-like Remnant: From the Ashes will be optimised for the PS5 and Xbox Series on May 13. This free upgrade will enable users to run the game at either 4K at 30fps, or 1080p at 60fps. These versions of the game will also benefit from faster loading times due to the SSD within both consoles.

Also, on the same date, the game will be available on the Microsoft Store App and the Xbox App for Windows 10, and this supports cross-play with Xbox One and Xbox Series.

You can check out our initial review of Remnant: From the Ashes here.

Remnant: From the Ashes

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