Simpler Times

Reminisce of Simpler Times today

The interactive mediative title has just surprisingly made its debut.

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If you've been looking for a game that perfectly nails the idea of relaxation and meditation, Stoneskip's Simpler Times might just be the ticket. This is described as an "experiential, interactive, meditation that rewards patience and attention with poignant moments."

As for what that means in practice, this game is all about stepping into the shoes of Taina as she prepares to move out of her childhood home. During this effort, she experiences a variety of memories and contemplates her past by painting, listening to music, taking photos, browsing books, reading notes, and solving puzzles.

During its appearance at the Day of the Devs showcase, Stoneskip has just revealed that Simpler Times has actually just fully debuted and is now available to pick up and play on PC. Check out the launch trailer below as well as a few extra images.

Simpler Times
Simpler TimesSimpler TimesSimpler Times
Simpler TimesSimpler Times

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