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Remedy's new game Control will take place in one location

Although it should be a lot less linear than previous titles from the studio.

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Alan Wake developers Remedy recently announced its new paranormal action-adventure, Control, during E3. After the reveal we had a chance to talk to creative director Sam Lake and find out some more details about this mysterious title.

Remedy's new game will be a psychological, paranormal thriller in which you explore an extra-dimensional building which they describe as "a world inside one location" and which also serves as the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Control. The whole game will take place inside this mysterious building.

"This is a mystical place of power and it's vastly bigger on the inside than the outside would lead you to believe," Lake told Gamereactor. "So, if you know the strange rules involved and the strange rituals needed and the conditions are right you can keep on travelling deeper and deeper into this building... maybe even forever, leaving all reality behind step by step."


Lake also touched on the fact that Control will be a lot different from what people expect from the studio saying: "Control is a lot less linear experience than our previous games."

It was also suggested that main protagonist Jesse's story will serve as an introduction to this world which leads us to believe that Remedy may have plans to keep expanding on top of this universe with future content supported by Lake's statement that "you can see the possibility of adding on it."

Control is set to release in 2019, when it will land on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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