Quantum Break

Remedy talk Quantum Break TV show

Pilot's shot, development gets support from Microsoft for tie-in series.

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Microsoft is aiding Remedy in the creation of its Quantum Break tie-in TV show, the developer has said.

Talking to GamesIndustry International, Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne discussed the project, which will see the game supported by a TV show - the pilot of which has been shot - which Microsoft will part-supoort.

"This is clearly a strategic move for them as well as us," says Matias. "This is something - we have crazy ideas - but we need to fall back and let the full force of a company like Microsoft see it through. There's no way on God's green Earth that we would take on a venture like this on our own. We might have the appetite but there's no way we could."

When queried whether that's the reason the game is exclusive to the format, Matias replied that the two companies "interests are nicely aligned".

"We serve a strategic purpose for them in delivering unique content for their platform with a unique twist. And for us that allows us follow the creative passion that the team needs to fulfil through a project like this."

A core part of the Xbox One Reveal event was Microsoft's commitment to original video content for the system, which also saw the company announce a tie-in TV show for the Halo franchise.

Quantum Break

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