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Remedy signs up to make two multi-platform games

Details of the new publishing deal will be confirmed soon, but for now, the studio has confirmed two games, one smaller than the other, set in the same franchise.

Remedy Entertainment has just teased the announcement of a new partnership with an unconfirmed publisher that will see the studio making two new multi-platform games based in the same franchise.

The deal will see the publisher fronting the development costs, with Remedy then entitled to a 50% share of the net revenue generated by sales, with the studio retaining control over the IP.

The first title is still in pre-production and has previously been referred to as the "unannounced third project", and we're told that it will be a triple-A multi-platform title. The second game will be smaller but set in the same franchise. Both will be made using the studio's own Northlight engine.

More details are said to be coming later today, but we do know that both games are planned as next-gen titles and they'll be coming "in the next few years".

Now that's the kind of launch window we can get behind!

Remedy signs up to make two multi-platform games

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