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Alan Wake 2

Remedy: Releasing Alan Wake 2 as digital only gives us "more time to polish"

The Finnish developer says this way, they will get "weeks" of extra time to polish the title.

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Alan Wake 2 is amongst the first AAA titles to only get a digital release, something Remedy has previously said helps them keep the price tag down and they won't have to deal with the fact that the game still would need a big update.

But it seems like there are more reasons to go all-digital as well. While speaking to Eurogamer, Alan Wake 2's game director Kyle Rowley reveals that it gives them weeks of extra development time used for polish:

"As creatives obviously, by going digital-only it does allow us more time to polish the game. Like, a significant amount of weeks actually. Because otherwise, the game that goes on the disc, obviously it has to be playable without a patch."

Rowley ends by explaining that "hopefully this way we can give you a better version of the game".

There seem to be many advantages with doing it digitally only. Do you expect more AAA titles to follow suit?

Alan Wake 2

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