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Alan Wake 2

Remedy describes the Alan Wake 2 story as "a monster"

It seems like we can expect a lot of story when Alan Wake returns next year.

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It's been 12 years since Alan Wake was launched, and during this time, we've had both fans begging for more and tons of rumours of things to come. During The Game Awards late last year, Alan Wake 2 was finally announced, and judging by the first trailer, it seems to be something really special.

Sam Lake is both creative director and writer for the game, and had a little something to tease us with late last week on Twitter by revealing that he has tons of pages written for the game, adding that it's actually "more than ever". Lake even goes as far as calling the story of Alan Wake 2 "a monster".

As Alan Wake 2 is planned for a release in 2023, we assume we will get to see some more signs of life from it this year. A reasonable guess is that it once again is going to be shown during The Game Awards, which traditionally takes place in December.

Alan Wake 2

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