Company of Heroes

Relic celebrating Company of Heroes with new updates

The game is 10 years on and still has an active community.

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Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes still has a very active community in terms of mods and user-created content, 10 years after its initial release, and Relic and Sega have announced that they are celebrating this by introducing some updates to the franchise.

Firstly, Company of Heroes has been updated with both Steam Workshop and a Workshop hub, so players can now play, manage, and share custom scenarios. This also adds Steam Trading Cards into the mix as well.

The press release also announced that the Eastern Front mod, bringing the Soviets and Germans from Company of Heroes 2 into the first game, is now available on Steam.

If this all sounds good to you, you can buy both Company of Heroes and the sequel, as well as expansions, with a number of discounts on Steam until 18:00 BST on June 5.

"Company of Heroes players are still blowing us away with their creativity and support," said Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager at Relic. "We count ourselves very lucky to see the energy we put into building this game given right back to us by the players."

Are you still playing Company of Heroes?

Company of Heroes

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