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League of Legends

Rekkles leaves Fnatic

The long-time veteran will be looking for new opportunities.

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Martin "Rekkles" Larsson has informed esports organisation Fnatic of his decision to leave the team, signing elsewhere for the upcoming League of Legends season. After playing for Fnatic for over eight years, totalling nearly 600 individual games, the veteran will move on to new opportunities.

According to the statement provided by Fnatic, the organisation did work to re-sign Rekkles, offering the largest contract they have ever offered a player before. Rekkles whilst initially planning on staying with Fnatic, decided to move elsewhere, in a change not based on financial gain.

The statement goes on to read; "Now we turn to a new chapter for Fnatic, and one we're ready and excited to commence. Our time with Martin has been long and successful, we could not be more proud of what he has achieved in the Black and Orange."

"But as has happened multiple times in our 16 year history, now is a time for change. We're excited for our new era as one of the world's most successful League of Legends teams, and we're excited to bring our fans with us on the journey. Full information of our plans for the years ahead will be released in the coming days."

"The next time we meet, we meet as opponents. See you on the rift, Martin."

Where do you think Rekkles will be heading to next?

League of Legends

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