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The Jackbox Party Pack 9

Region-exclusive content and language packs come to The Jackbox Party Pack 9

The party game's Christmas update will be released on 15 December.

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With the holiday season well and truly upon us in the new month of December, there will be plenty of opportunities for family and friends to gather together to enjoy the celebrations. And as we've mentioned before, it's also a great opportunity to enjoy social gaming and introduce new players to the games, such as a session in The Jackbox Party Pack 9.

Jackbox Games announced a few days ago that the update would arrive on 15 December. But now it has made a new announcement stating that in addition to the above features and the expected language pack it will introduce moderation options for trolls in the game, and that no one will spoil the party.

In addition to the language localisation, the studio also indicates that there will be regionally exclusive content, although it does not detail which ones. These are likely to be questions and answers tailored to the culture and current affairs of each country in which the game is released.

Are you going to try The Jackbox Party Pack 9 this Christmas?

The Jackbox Party Pack 9

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