Refunds will soon be distributed for Fornite's T-800 skin

The official website mistakenly claimed that it would include a Cyberdyne Salute emote.

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Earlier this month, Fornite celebrated the Terminator franchise by adding new skins for Sarah Connor and the T-800. Initially, these appeared to down well with the community until one bit of misleading information was spotted by fans. On the official Fortnite website it was noted that the T-800 skin included a Cyberdyne Salute emote, but this was simply not true.

Epic Games has responded to this backlash by announcing that it will be offering refunds for the skin starting this week. No exact date has been revealed as to when these will be issued, but fans will be able to claim refunds using the in-game flow. The publisher/ developer has asked fans to keep their eyes out for a notification appearing in-game sometime this week.


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