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Redout 2

Redout 2 has been delayed

It'll now be coming in mid-June.

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Developer 34BigThings has announced that we'll have to wait a little longer before we are able to dive into Redout 2, as the sci-fi racing game has officially been delayed. Granted, it's not a massive delay, as the game will now be arriving in June, but it does still mean that the racer will be abdicating its original May 26 launch.

As for when exactly Redout 2 will be coming, the racing title will now be arriving on June 16. As for why it's being delayed at all, 34BigThings has simply said that it needs "a little more development time" to ensure the game is in a great state to launch.

The developer continued, "This will help ensure we're firing on all cylinders out of the gate and delivering the best gameplay experience for everyone. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to racing with you all soon!"

To get an idea of what Redout 2 will offer when it does launch, take a look at a trailer below.

Redout 2

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