Redfall is coming in May

And we've got another collection of gameplay to gawk over.

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As the previous leaks and rumours suggested, Arkane Austin's Redfall will officially be arriving in May 2023, on the 2nd to be exact.

As announced during the Xbox Developer Direct (which also featured broad appearances from Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and The Elder Scrolls Online), Microsoft and Bethesda used the showcase to also share a whole array of gameplay to check out and gawk over.

To add to this, a few extra slices of information were shared, including a new Vampire type called the Shroud that can cause an area around you to be covered in darkness, and an even more terrifying Vampire called the Rook. We also get to see how the different hunters' abilities work in extra depth and how they combine to allow you to approach encounters either head on or more stealthily.

So, be sure to mark down May 2 in your calendars, even more so if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, as the game will be available on the service on day one.


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