Redfall developer says they were mocked by other developers

Arkane Austin's latest title launched last week and faced a lot of negative criticism.

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Redfall received a lot of criticism from the media, and the internet has also been flooded with negative reactions from fans. But apparently the developers behind Redfall have endured more than that, as colleagues from other studios have also mocked, and perhaps even gloated, over the game's lacklustre launch.

In a series of messages on Twitter, environment artist Sadie Boyd, who has launched her first title as part of Arkane Austin, says that Arkane Austin and the game have been mocked by colleagues from other developers:

It's a different and more human angle on what can only be described as a disaster for Arkane, Bethesda and Xbox. How do you think these kinds of launches should be handled? Is the mockery well deserved and where do you draw the line?


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