Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption playable on Xbox One

Rockstar classic now backwards compatible.

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Venturebeat.com reports that Rockstars epic adventures in the wild west, Red Dead Redemption, is playable on Xbox One - starting now! You can already download the digital copy but the physical disc is still not working. Probably a sign that this is something that will be announced upcoming week.

This is how Venturebeat says you should do to play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One:

Go to the Find a Friend option in the Friends menu.

Search for "RockoHoward" — this is important.

Once you find that user, view his profile.

Tab over to his following list.

Sort by just "Games" not "Friends & games."

Find Red Dead Redemption.

Click on "See in store."

The "Install" prompt should appear for you.

Red Dead Redemption

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