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Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online's early content for PS4 includes Tomahawk

After the full launch of the online mode out of beta, there is plenty coming early on for PS4 players, from emotes to game modes.

Just last week Red Dead Online launched out of beta with a giant update bringing a lot to the game, but now the PlayStation Blog has shown off the early access content PS4 players are getting for Red Dead Redemption II's online portion this week.

The Ancient Tomahawk, for example, can be acquired from a Fence free of charge and for all ranks, and it should go nicely with the new Perlino Andalusian Horse. This has higher stamina than most and is also free, along with a new saddle and saddlebags.

What's more is that the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue also has a range of new and free content like the Finely Jacket, Stenger Studden Spurs, and Caldwell Hat, not to mention the Boast and Hey, You emotes.

A new free-for-all Showdown Mode brings something very unique to the table, as this version of Make it Count is all about using Ancient Tomahawks and nothing else to win a free-for-all. You can throw it, but you might want to get a bit closer for some melee damage.

Last Stand, however, is a variation of free-for-all where players try to survive in two-minute battles.

Those who play in a Posse on PS4 anytime before May 27 will also get five Gold Bars, so it's worth jumping in. Right now though, you should check out the trailer for this early access content below.

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