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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online's Blood Money update is out now

It has brought a range of new criminal opportunities to explore across the American frontier.

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Rockstar has welcomed a massive new update to Red Dead Online, an update that is bringing a wealth of new features and opportunities for doting outlaws to explore. Known as Blood Money, the update will see players dive into the criminal underworld of the Wild West to work with underboss Guido Martelli, where you will be given the chance to complete high-stakes robberies, multi-part Crime Contracts, and even some "larger scale Opportunities" to make some cash on your road to outlaw fame.

Rockstar has also promised that there will be more Crime Contracts and two additional Opportunities in the weeks ahead, and that we should keep an eye out on the Newswire for when they will arrive.

In other Read Dead Online news, this update also saw the launch of Nvidia DLSS support on the PC version of the game, for all users who use eligible GeForce RTX graphics cards. This is expected to not only provide much sharper images, but will boost frame rates.

Red Dead Online

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