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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is offering bonuses for selling booze this week

Fast travel fees are also waived for the week.

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The latest Rockstar Newswire article for Red Dead Online has been released, and for the rest of this week, the focus will be on moonshiners and keeping the locals tipsy. There will be a 2x RDO$ and XP bonus on completing all moonshiner story and Bootlegger missions, and there will also be a 1.5x bonus on all moonshine sales, so make sure you take advantage of them and start making some cash before it's too late.

To build on this further, until May 3, there will be a waiver on fast travel and shack relocation fees, so make sure you don't miss out on an opportunity to get around the American frontier much faster than usual.

In terms of discounts, you can also look forward to 40% off moonshiner role outfits and Norfolk roadster horses, and on top of that, there's also a 30% discount on moonshine shack and still upgrades, emotes, and vests.

Red Dead Online

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