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Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online Beta sees a host of new updates today

The wild-west masterpiece will finally be getting a bunch of new changes to really bring some variety to that outlaw lifestyle.

Today, the Red Dead Online Beta is getting its first major heap of updates. Live in-game now, we've gathered the most notable parts of the update starting with the addition of daily challenges that will reward gold nuggets and XP. You can expect these challenges to lead your character down a road of treasure finding, animal skinning, feud winning and much more. Alongside daily challenges, a new free roam event called Fool's Gold will launch pushing posses into a team deathmatch sort of situation where players will be able to wear a gold suit of armour.

In the future, we will see the addition of new target races that will challenge players to be both accurate and fast when racing over the wild west. Finally, in terms of new game mode additions, we will see fishing challenges be added as well as three new showdown modes called, Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Plunder.

This update will see a new weapon added so you can terrorise the west. The Rare Shotgun is an engraved version of the double-barrelled long arm and like this update will be available today. Soon we will see the addition of the Evans Repeater, a high grade, high-capacity rifle that can be effective at all ranges. Both weapons will be purchasable from the gunsmith or the Wheeler & Rawson catalogue.

A host of new clothing will also be available for the eccentric cowboy, as well as the addition of new limited time items that will come and go each week. So, keep an eye on that store. Players can also buy more emotes that will have multiple tiers to really capture the expression of their outlaw. Look for those in the Wheeler & Rawson catalogue as well.

A broad list of world enhancements will be heading to the online beta. Starting with changes to the radar to stop the confusion of seeing players that are large distances away. This should minimise the likelihood of being targeted across the map. This will come packaged with a change that limits the effective range of proximity voice chat, so know you don't have to worry about listening to somebody in Blackwater when you're in Annesburg. Alongside these neat new changes, there will also be a new enhanced law and bounty system as well as the new and easier to use parley and feuds system.

Fans of the online portion of the game that log on before March 5 will also see a complimentary gift in their camp's lockbox or post office to cause havoc over the west. The gift consists of:

  • 2x Potent snake oil
  • 2x Potent bitters
  • 2x Potent miracle tonic
  • 2x Horse reviver
  • 2x Horse Stimulant
  • 8x Poison arrows
  • 10x Explosive slugs

Finally, PS4 players will also have early access to the Jawbone Knife, a range of new clothing options and three new emotes. That about concludes this online beta update round-up, stay tuned each week for more new content hitting Rockstar's wild-west game.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

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