Red Bull Racing Esports has appointed Fierce PC as its official PC partner

The sim racing team has a new UK-based partner.

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Red Bull Racing Esports has added a new partner to its ranks for 2021. Fierce PC will be joining the team as its official PC partner, in a deal that will see Fierce build and outfit the team with PCs, VR rigs, and workstations to help the team elevate themselves that little bit more.

This partnership will not only be for the team's pro sim drivers, but it will also see Fierce equipping the Red Bull Racing Erena with its high-tech devices. Fans of Red Bull Racing Esports and Fierce will also be able to see the exact specifications of the rigs being used on the Red Bull Racing Esports team website.

"Motorsport is all about the pursuit of technical perfection and the optimisation of the equipment at hand," said Oliver Hughes, Red Bull Racing Honda Chief Marketing Officer in a press release. "It's no different in Esports and Fierce PC's high-powered systems will ensure that the Team is able to perform at the top of its game, no matter the event. Built using state-of-the-art components, Fierce PC's computers are tailor made to handle the most demanding applications and will give the Team's drivers, and sim drivers all over the world, power, performance and reliability when it matters most - in the heat of battle."

The financials for the deal are yet to be disclosed.

Red Bull Racing Esports has appointed Fierce PC as its official PC partner

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