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Red Bull Campus Clutch finals are taking place this weekend

The tournament is regarded as the world's largest Valorant tournament for students, and featured more than 25,000 players across over 50 countries.

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After over 400 individual events, split around the globe that has included over 25,000 students across over 50 countries, the Red Bull Campus Clutch, regarded as "the world's largest global Valorant tournament for students", is finally coming to a close this weekend.

The global finals that are taking place in Madrid, Spain features 12 teams of students from various regions across the planet. From America's Bay Area Vandals, to New Zealand's Mama's Boys, or even South Korea's VAC Kimchi, the teams are coming from a range of locations, and will be leaving it all on the line for the finals series this weekend.

Set to start in 18 hours, when Belarus' Platoon faces Canada's BTR, the event will conclude on Sunday, July 18, when the grand finals will take place and the winner, who will go home with a respectable €20,000, is decided.

You can be sure to catch all of the action for the tournament on various Red Bull channels, including the Twitch channel here.


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