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Reboot a Friend returns to Fortnite

A bunch of loot is on offer as part of the event.

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Epic Games has brought back the Reboot a Friend initiative to Fortnite. The system that is designed to encourage players to return to the game is offering a whole bunch of rewards for basically just squading up and playing the title.

For this version of the event, players will have to earn points to unlock the loot on offer. Doing so is simple and requires you to group up with pals, and then play games. 10 points are on offer for each completed game with friends, and those who have a rebooted buddy (someone who hasn't played Fortnite in 30+ days) in their squad will get 100 points for the first match together.

As long as you are partied up, anyone can be eligible for points towards the loot, which for this time, is as follows:

  • A spray at 100 points

  • The Heartbeat Wrap at 200 points

  • The Toxic Flash Glider at 300 points

  • And, the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe at 400 points

The event is currently active, so dive in and earn some cool gear.


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