Rebellion presents its post-apocalyptic title Atomfall at Xbox Games Showcase

Sniper Elite series creators have surprised us with a new IP.

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The best thing about summer showcases isn't what you know is coming, it's not even what you're expecting before the conference starts. No, the best thing is what you didn't expect at all. That's exactly what we felt with Atomfall, the title presented by Rebellion.

We didn't expect the makers of Sniper Elite to turn to post-apocalyptic fiction, but here we are. We're not sure what Atomfall is yet, but it seems a great cataclysm has hit the UK and strange creatures and societies of humans have taken over civilisation.

A first person shooter in which we've seen everything from retro-futuristic robots, glowing zombies, phone boxes and something that definitely looks like magic. We'll see how all these elements come together when Atomfall hits PC, Xbox and PS5 next year. We're officially interested.


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