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Strange Brigade

Rebellion announces Strange Brigade

The Sniper Elite developer is working on a co-op shooter.

British developer Rebellion (Sniper Elite series and Zombie Army Trilogy) has just announced a new game by the name of Strange Brigade, and it's coming "soon". We've also received the first trailer and screenshots, which you can check out below, giving you a bit of an insight into what the game is about.

Strange Brigade is a third-person shooter for up to four players, and it's set in the 1930s. In what appears to be a traditional campaign, we'll visit the more remote British Colonies and fight against mythical creatures, and you'll get to choose between four different characters, all with unique tactics, weapons, and superhuman powers.

Expect more information at E3, but until then, there's a trailer and screenshots down below. Does this sound like an appealing concept though?

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Strange Brigade
Strange BrigadeStrange Brigade
Strange Brigade
Strange BrigadeStrange BrigadeStrange Brigade
Strange BrigadeStrange Brigade
Strange Brigade

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