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Realme introduces €499 flagship model with 120Hz display

Manufacturer Realme spearheads European re-introduction with affordable 120Hz display model.

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The phone is called X3 SuperZoom, and while Indian Realme launched in Europe a year ago, this is its first attempt at a large-scale European sales and marketing campaign in an attempt to take market shares from the bigger and more established brands, they even prioritize Europe over their home market.

It features a periscope zoom lens, an option normally only found on way more expensive phones and uses an 8 MP sensor and 5x zoom. It also has a 64 MP main camera, 2 MP macro, and a 8 MP ultrawide camera.

The display is a 6.6" 1080p screen with 120Hz refresh rate, 32 MP selfie camera, and 8MP ultrawide selfie-cam. It does use LCD instead of OLED, and the fingerprint sensor is on the side instead of on the screen.

The brain of it all is a Snapdragon 855+, the non-5G flagship model and the battery sports 4200 mAh, and while there is no wireless charging, it does use a 30w USB-C.

More interesting is what Realme calls "three waterproof layers" on a phone for which we have been unable to find any sort of IP rating.

Pricing is €499 for the 12 GB RAM / 256 GB version, there is only one, and colours are either white or blue.

The Realme website takes pre-orders but kept displaying a 404 error when we tried to access the pre-order part.

While there are some shortcomings over other flagship phones in both specs and bezel size, it seems to be a lot of phone for a relatively low price.

Realme introduces €499 flagship model with 120Hz display
Realme introduces €499 flagship model with 120Hz display

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