Realm of Ink

Realm of Ink to debut into Early Access on May 17

The ink-styled action roguelite game will be coming to PC via Steam with four acts and eight bosses to begin with.

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With the limited number of AAA projects planned for this May, it really is the perfect time to dive into an indie. For those looking for a stylish game with an action roguelite theme, we may just have the perfect game for you, as the Chinese developer Leap Studio has now affirmed that Realm of Ink will be coming to Steam via its Early Access platform all from May 17.

Realm of Ink

The game uses a 2.5D Chinese-style ink painting and modern art direction that combines with a combat suite that no doubt reminds many of Hades. The story of the game looks to explore the philosophical importance of life all while crossing into the territory of nihilism and existentialism, but as for how all of this translates into a gameplay experience, we'll get a good taste of it come mid-May.

Because Realm of Ink will be arriving as an Early Access title with four acts and eight bosses to play through. The first of the playable characters will also be accessible, with this known as Red the Swordswoman who can use three unique weapons. To add to this, expect 20 Ink Gem skills to put to the test split across four tiers of quality, plus 15 Ink Pets that come in over 40 unique forms. 150 perks elevate the buildcrafting to yet another level, and all of this can be experienced while chugging though around 30% of the total storyline. Should you reach the Early Access end however, an Endless mode will mean that you can keep playing indefinitely.

Leap Studio has promised that Realm of Ink will launch in its 1.0 state and come to consoles later in 2024, all while the Early Access version is subject to multiple updates adding new content (such as more playable characters, extra weapons and Ink Pets, additional bosses and gameplay mechanics, and more) and further optimisations, all of which we'll learn more about in a coming roadmap.

Until such time, be sure to check out the new Animitta Asura boss fight trailer for Realm of Ink below.

Realm of InkRealm of Ink
Realm of InkRealm of InkRealm of Ink
Realm of InkRealm of Ink

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