Realm of Ink

Realm of Ink has been delayed for at least a few months

But developer Leap Studio has laid out the roadmap leading up to the 1.0 launch.

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We were expecting to be able to jump into a bit of developer Leap Studio's action roguelike Realm of Ink in the coming days, but that won't be the case any further as the title has been delayed.

It will now be making its Early Access arrival in the third quarter of the year, all before eyeing a full launch as a 1.0 title in the second quarter of 2025. As per why this is the case, the developer stated:

"We made a commitment to our community and fans that their first taste of the Early Access launch of Realm of Ink would be a beautiful experience," said Dai, CEO of Leap Studio. "While the version we were working on was content-rich and stable, we knew that we wanted to offer more and make good on this commitment. By moving the Early Access release window to Q3, we can ensure that all the great content we promised will be implemented and most importantly offer a deep and thrilling gameplay experience."

With this change in mind, we can look forward to the Early Access launch including nine role forms, nine weapons, 100% of the storyline, one final boss, new Ink Gem skills and other improvements, with more roles, weapons, areas, a hidden boss, more Ink Gem skills, and a story subplot being saved for the 1.0 launch next year.

You can still dive into Realm of Ink today however, as there is a demo available right now on PC that includes one role form, three weapons to choose from, 30% of the storyline, four areas and eight bosses, 20 Ink Gem skills, and over 150 perks.

Realm of Ink
Leap Studio

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