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Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not has a new gameplay trailer

The tactical first-person shooter is available for pre-order now ahead of alpha testing later this year, introducing you to the realistic mechanics.

Void Interactive has just revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for their tactical first-person shooter Ready Or Not, which also marks the opening of pre-orders for the game, available either in the Standard or Supporter Editions on the game's website.

The former gives you the full game and beta access in June 2020, while the latter gives you this plus alpha access in August this year, the FBI HRT pack, 25% discount on the first expansion, and an official mousepad if you're one of the first thousand to pre-order. The Standard Edition costs $39.99 USD, while the Supporter Edition costs $119.99.

The full game is predicted to release in Q4 next year, and is a realistic game as a result of Void consulting with global police teams, including considerations of ballistic penetration, ricochet, kevlar dynamics, and more. Floor plans and mission briefs also let you strategise before you attack, and you can command AI officers in single-player via on-screen command or through speech recognition (a system that can also be used to "yell for compliance at suspects and civilians").

Multiplayer is also available as well, whether you want to be competitive or cooperative, and there are plenty of customisation options such as optics, armour, muzzle, magazines, and of course personalisation too.

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