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256 toy combinations in new title.

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Today's news seems to be all about threes. While we're celebrating the announcement of Witcher 3 elsewhere on the site, Activision are preparing the newest iteration of their Skylanders franchise in Swap Force.

The new title introduces a new set of sixteen figures, which can be split in two and their parts interchanged to achieve different combinations in-game. Before you reach for your calculator, that works out as 256 combinations in total.

For those of you with Skylanders figures adorning your walls already, fret not: they'll all work in the new game.

Skylanders Swap Force

Toys for Bob, inventor of the phenomenon, will skip this release to pursue future projects. Instead Vicarious Visions is taking over with a new engine for HD versions of Skylanders Swap Force on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3. Meanwhile, Beenox and n-Space are working on the Wii and 3DS versions.

The new game also means new portal of power, as the device to bring plastic toys to TV debuts a new design. The Swap Pack Force pack will include the game, the new portal, two interchangeable Skylanders, a standard Skylander, stickers, cards and a poster when the game releases later this year.

Skylanders Swap ForceSkylanders Swap Force

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