Razer Viper V3 Hyperspeed

The Viper family has expanded and we've put the updated V3 Hyperspeed through its paces and are impressed.

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The esports revolution continues and with the Viper V3 Hyperspeed, Razer takes the featherweight, popular mouse to the next level with optimised performance, impressive battery life and a polling rate of up to 4000 Hz. But how does it compare to its predecessor, a mouse that many swear is one of the best ever for gaming. Because if there's one thing that Viper mice are well known for, it's their extremely light weight combined with an excellent sensor and time-tested design.

It's a brand that, at least among more dedicated gamers and esports enthusiasts, carries the weight of a no-nonsense approach that prioritises performance and focus on basic features above all else. The Viper V3 Hyperspeed builds on this legacy and is a step away from what we have previously seen from the series. The form factor has grown slightly, and inside we find no rechargeable battery but rather a place for a traditional AA, and finally a slightly more budget-friendly price tag.

So then, is the Viper V3 Hyperspeed worth the £70 or is the mouse a step in the wrong direction, a compromise too far, from what we have traditionally seen from Razer's Viper series? At first glance, and with my hand gripping the small black piece, the instinctive, first feeling that washes over me is that this feels like a combination between Viper and Deathadder. A crossbreed with the latter's distinctive bulge but with the Viper's traditionally narrow, more petite body.

Razer Viper V3 Hyperspeed
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The surface is smooth but easy to grip, with a pleasant finish that allows the mouse to sit securely in your hand. The slightly different form factor also makes it possible to utilise different forms of grip around the mouse. So you can easily run the "clone" or rest your whole hand on the Viper V3 without any of the choices feeling wrong or strange. Thanks to the battery, the mouse is also pleasantly rear-heavy, something I personally appreciate but also means that it is not necessarily as nimble in its movements as previous models.

The weight? Yes, it is a respectable 82 grams with the battery included, and is thus among the heavier ones in the ultra lightweight class. It can be compared with Razer's own DeathAdder V3 which is almost 30 grams lighter, and is in about the same price range. But at the same time, what's a few extra grams in exchange for the 30K sensor lurking under the hood of the Viper V3 Hyperspeed? Something we normally only see in Razer's much more expensive mice and is what really makes this something special. The possibilities to fine-tune the settings are brilliant and compared to many other mice on the market, Razer's sensor, especially in this price range, is almost what can be classified as magic dust.

It raises the Viper V3 Hyperspeed from good to something downright brilliant, and makes it possible not only to fine-tune the asymmetric cut-off but also the lift off distance at 26 (!) different levels, there we really talk about freedom beyond the usual. And yes, it is of course overpriced for most people, but for those who want to geek out on the settings, there is every opportunity in the world to do so. Even more impressively, the AA battery in the mouse gives you nearly 280 hours of play time, and you won't need to replace it more than a few times a year.

Razer Viper V3 Hyperspeed
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As for the buttons, you will find two programmable ones on the side in addition to the usual two (plus scroll) on the top. As I said, basic functionality and all with very good precision with a slightly larger gap between them compared to previous models in the series. The feel is pretty much the same as in the DeathAdder V3 with the second generation mechanical switches underneath, which have worked brilliantly during our gaming sessions even if they might be a bit soft for some.

But, on the whole, it's hard to argue against the Viper V3 Hyperspeed, and as long as you're okay with the slightly heavier body and updated fit, this is one of the better buys in the price range. That is, if gaming and esports are your primary focus.

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8 / 10
Class-leading sensor, no frills and focus on function.
A bit heavy, attracts fingerprints.
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