Razer reveals new smart glasses with built-in mic and wireless audio

The Razer Anzu is retailing for $199.99.

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Recently Razer unveiled Project Hazel, a new take on a face mask as it came with RGB, active ventilation, auto-sterilisation and even an N95 surgical respirator rating. But, the gaming hardware manufacturer didn't stop there, as it also has revealed the Razer Anzu, a new take on 'gamer glasses.'

The Anzu comes with blue light filtering or polarised lenses for use as sunglasses, but it also features low latency audio, a built-in microphone and even speakers. The device is retailing for $199.99, and as the description reads, it is designed to "protect your eyes and immerse your ears."

The Anzu is claimed to be able to filter out 35% of blue light, or offer 99% UVA/UVB protection, and to offer a styling option, is available in two different frames: a rectangle or round frame. The accessory is also available in two sizes, SM and L, and seems to be in quite high demand, as it is already out of stock on the Razer store.

Razer reveals new smart glasses with built-in mic and wireless audio

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