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Ray's The Dead

Ray's The Dead: "It's basically zombie Pikmin"

We chat with Ragtag Studios' Shawn Halwes about the "first on PS4" indie title.

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Lead programmer Shawn Halwes talks to us about Ray's The Dead described as Stubbs the Zombie meets Pikmin - one of the indie titles highlighted at Sony's E3 press conference.


"You're this loveable zombie Ray. You become the next zombie leader of the zombie apocalypse. And the backstory to how he became a zombie, why he has this lightbulb stuck in his head, is going to be revealed through the narrative as you play not only Ray the zombie, but Ray the human in flashback sequences. It's basically like zombie Pikmin where you have a bunch of zombie minions of different types, each type has a different attribute that you need to use strategically and tactically to solve puzzles, combat scenarios and those different things."

Ray's the Dead went on Kickstarter prior to E3, but the campaign was cancelled half-way and Shawn goes into some of the reasons.

"We started a Kickstarter with plans to announce for PS4 during the Kickstarter. While that was happening Sony came to us and invited us onto the stage. The timing wasn't going to work out, so we made a strategic choice to cancel the Kickstarter. Possibly revisit that in the future, but just so we could take the opportunity to be on stage with Sony. Be here at E3 and announce it in that fashion."

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