Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins 3DS delayed?

Forum post suggests push to June.

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A NeoGaf user has claimed that Rayman Origins 3DS release has been pushed back to June 8th.

No official reason nor source of the information was given. We've contacted Ubisoft for comment either way, and are awaiting a response.

The game was due for release before the end of this month - Amazon still has it listed for pre-order for March 30th, while GAME have it pegged for May 12th - though that may be an earlier listing uncorrected in light of the company's current situation.

The game's already been launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 to critical acclaim before Christmas, and recently joined multiple titles in the launch line-up for PS Vita.

It's also due out on PC on March 30th. That release also remain unaffected on retailer listings.

Rayman Origins

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