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Raven's Cry

Raven's Cry aims to be "a really ugly pirate game"

Reality Pump Studios are making a different type of experience to that of Black Flag, where the "pirates are not nice".

As Gamescom was drawing to a close we spoke to Tadeusz Zuber, the CEO of Reality Pump Studios, and found out a bit more about Raven's Cry, a pirate story dripping with revenge.

Zuber talked us through how the studio have found working with a game that they themselves didn't start development of, and how that has impacted the way that they've worked. We also discussed when the game was likely to land, and Reality Pump's CEO was very relaxed as he explained that at this stage it's up to the game's publisher when Raven's Cry will be released.

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Finally, we discussed the competition, as this isn't the only pirate-themed game that will be tempting gamers in the coming weeks:

"This is not competition for us," Zuber stated. "Yeah, we are talking about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag of course. But, for example, the naval battles in Assassin's Creed are not realistic because the boats are very fast with action in the game. For Assassin's Creed it's perfect to do it this way because on the land Assassin's Creed is a very fast action game. So if you do this in slow motion on the sea it would be boring for the player, and I am aware of this and this is very good for Assassin's. But we are different type of game..."

"We try to do a really ugly pirate game ever, maybe we are a success in this. Because all games until now there are actually nice guys there, pirates. Pirates are not nice. So we try to fit to the history as it was, to the realistic history... We try to make it as realistic as possible. In the Caribbean it was not so nice place there in the 17th century so..."

He concluded: "But this is not competition actually. It's good to have another game like this, because the people can choose this game and be a real pirate, or play Assassin's. That's a choice for the gamer."

Raven's Cry

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