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Rare's Everwild offers a "large scale multiplayer world"

Rare is yet to put a release date on the game.

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Back in 2019, Rare stunned a lot of gamers when they revealed their upcoming title Everwild, which really looked like nothing we have ever seen before, but beside a good looking trailer - there wasn't any solid information about what to expect.

During E3 2020, we got got to see more from Everwild, but Rare still didn't really tell us a whole lot about it, and after that it went silent. There were talks about a reboot and we know there have been a few major people leaving and coming to the the development team, so it's probably safe to assume not everything has been smooth sailing.

But the game is still being under production, and now we have got a few hints of things to come from the LinkedIn profile of Jordan Bell, a Rare employee. He is specifically working on Everwild and reveals that he has been creating a "large scale multiplayer world" and also "extended Artificial Intelligence systems".

While this doesn't give us a whole lot of clues, at least we know Everwild will have a huge world with multiplayer and that we can expect some PvE as the artificial intelligence seems to be so important.

Check out the Everwild trailer from 2020 below to freshen up your memory about what the legendary British studio is currently developing.


Thanks Klobrille

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