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Rare's Everwild has got a new design director

The game director from Supermassive Games is joining the studio.

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Back in 2019, Rare announced their next game, which is a very peculiar looking title called Everwild. After that, it was radio silence until a new trailer was revealed in July last year - and then silence again.

This combined with the fact that important people for the project left Rare, led to speculations that the development had issues and might have been rebooted. This was semi-confirmed by Microsoft last month, although they added that the rumours are "a little more extreme than what really happens".

Fortunately, it seems like the project is moving forward and might be about to hit full production as the game has now got a new design director. He is called Gary Napper, and he revealed this on Twitter. Napper has previously worked as game director at Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan), but also as Lead Designer
at Sony's Manchester studio and as lead game designer over at Creative Assembly.

Sounds like quite the recruitment, and hopefully this means we can get signs of life from Everwild in a not too distant future.


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