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Rare shares a ton of new stuff on Everwild

If you're intrigued by Rare's upcoming adventure, the studio has shared a wealth of new information.

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Sea of Thieves got off to a rocky start with mixed reviews, but ironically, the very same game has since then received world-class support and has become the title that has restored faith in the British developer Rare. Therefore, there was a lot of people who were curious when they announced their next project, Everwild, back in November last year during X019.

But as is tradition with Rare's games, they are very secretive and besides showing beautiful design work, we didn't even a clear idea of what it's all about. In July, a second trailer was revealed, which once again looked good, but didn't say too much about the game. But now, Rare has finally decided to lift the lid on this project and share new details.

In a new Director's Commentary of the latest trailer, Louise O'Connor (Executive Producer) and Ryan Stevenson (Art Director) spend 12 minutes telling us what we need to know about the game. Amongst other things, we get to know that the characters of the game are called Eternals, which protect both animals and the environment, with magic rituals and spirits being a part of it.

You can also co-operate with the creatures to make them help you, like using a glowing butterfly to light up dark areas. The creatures themselves can also interact with one another, and we learned that some of them aren't what they first seem.

It looks like Everwild will offer co-op for up to four players, and we're promised tons of secrets to discover.

It sounds like a Pokémon-inspired adventure with more flower power and a shared world to us, so colour us officially interested. Unfortunately, there's still no talk about formats, but we assume PC, Xbox Series S/X and maybe Xbox One.

Check out the full video below, we promise it will be the best spent 12 minutes of today.


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