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Sea of Thieves

Rare sells sails in Sea of Thieves to raise funds for Stand Up To Cancer

Rare has joined forces with the charity and will be donating all total profits from its Sails of Union DLC package.

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Rare has announced a really good initiative on Twitter, as it has now joined forces with Stand Up To Cancer, an organisation that does pretty much exactly what it sounds like. To raise money, Rare is now selling a DLC package called Sails of Union, which includes a pack of really cool sails that has a special effect when it's dark.

100% of the price (£4.99 / €5.99) paid via Microsoft Store will go to the cancer charity, and if you buy it on Steam, Microsoft will donate 75% of the purchase to the same cause. As Stand Up To Cancer notes in its own description, "Every pound speeds up life-saving research," so why not take the rare opportunity to get something fun while doing something good at the same time?

Check out the Sails of Union DLC in the trailer below. Are you getting this one?

Sea of Thieves

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