Rare Replay

Rare Replay is not getting any DLC

All the attention is on Sea of Thieves.

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Given that developer Rare's collection, Rare Replay, was released for Xbox One almost six months ago, we assume you have played through all the games you wanted to complete. If you are waiting for more content in the form of DLC, the studio's lead designer Paul Collins' latest comment on the matter won't be music to your ears. On the Rare Replayed podcast (via MCV) he refuted engineer James Thomas' prior statement saying that "there could be space for more".

Collins said: "We are not currently looking at any DLC," before he goes on to praise Rare Replay. The studio is currently preoccupied with Sea of Thieves which was announced for Xbox One and Windows 10 back at last year's E3. If you had forgotten all about that game, you should check out the announcement trailer below, followed by an interview we did with Rare's Craig Duncan.

Rare Replay

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