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Rare is still playing around with gameplay ideas for Everwild

We don't know much about Rare's upcoming adventure game Everwild and it doesn't seem to be too far into development.

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The perhaps best-looking game shown during Xbox Game Showcase, taking both design and technical aspects into consideration, was Rare's upcoming Everwild. While it's obvious that it'll be a one of a kind game, we still can't say we're sure what to expect from it, and judging from a recent interview at VGC with the studio head Craig Duncan - neither can Rare.

The Everwild Execute Producer Louise O'Connor and her team at Rare are still "playing around with gameplay ideas", according to Duncon, who says:

"We learned a lot from Sea of Thieves. At its heart, we love the idea of Sea of Thieves [and] players creating stories together. I think with Everwild, Louise [O'Connor] and her leadership team are really passionate about giving players a world that they can just lose themselves in — you know, a lot of nature feels magical.

So the notion of, 'What does it mean to nurture a world? What does it mean to be in nature?'

Part of the reason we haven't talked a lot about Everwild is that we're still feeling a lot of these things out. We're still playing around with gameplay ideas."

We assume this means it will take quite some time for the game to be finished, and would not expect it to be released before 2022, but fortunately, it seems to be in good hands. Or as Duncan puts it:

"We'll have plenty to say in the future on that, but ... we have an idea we feel really passionate about, and we think there's something special. I have a team of people that wake up every morning with the desire to make this game that they're really, really passionate about."

Check out the new Everwild trailer from yesterdays Showcase below.


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