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Sea of Thieves

Rare has plans for at least five more years of Sea of Thieves

The pirating game recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, but Rare is already thinking of the next five years.

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Rare has worked wonders with Sea of Thieves. The pirating game started off a bit rough around the edges, but since then the developer has cranked out tons of changes and additional content, to the point where it is essentially the gold standard for a pirate game in this era of gaming.

But, as the title has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, the developer has now briefly talked about the future of the game, and for those hoping for more pirate adventures, we have some very good news.

Because Rare seems to be gearing up for at least five more years of Sea of Thieves. As mentioned in an Xbox Wire blog post, we're told that the "Sea of Thieves' tale is far from a closed book." To follow up to this, it was added that there have already been meetings at Rare to plan the next five years of the game, and that this could include smuggling mechanics, rewards for fighting griefers, and mechanics for painting screenshots.

Creative director Mike Chapman has elaborated on the matter with the following: "I think 10 years of Sea of Thieves will feel like a long time - but also, we'll blink and be there. And I still think we'll have unfinished business when we get to that point.

Are you excited for five more years of Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves

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