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Rare: 2021 will be the biggest year yet for Sea of Thieves

This is despite the fact that the studio is busy working on its latest project Everwild.

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As you know, Rare is currently developing the mysterious Everwild, a game that still does not even have a release year and very little is known about. But it also has its big hit Sea of Thieves, and despite what you might think, it has no plans on slowing things down next year. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Executive Producer Joe Neate tweets that the game has "lots to come in 2021 and that it "will definitely be the biggest year yet" for the title. On the official homepage, it is also revealed in a new post that says there will be a minor updater for the game this month, as they are focusing on the future and are "hard at work behind the scenes on some significant changes that will lead us into 2021."

It remains to be seen what these "significant changes" are, but Rare revealed last summer that Sea of Thieves has over 15 million players now, so it isn't really surprising to see them continue fleshing the game out.

Sea of Thieves

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